Research & Development Centre

Creation of the R&D Centre in 2017, located at the Rzeszów Jasionka Airport, was the answer to increasing number of R&D projects involving sensor technology and aerial platforms.

Technology and device innovations

Solutions created in the R&D Centre are implemented every day to help us acquire high-quality, cost-and-time effective services. Our proprietary solutions involve:

Multisensor aerial platforms for simultaneous collection of various types of data

Our own systems of oblique cameras integrating up to seven sensors

A set of sensors for corridor mapping adjusted to airplanes or helicopters

BigData environment to work with terabytes of data obtained every day

A server room that supports about 100 installations of our web applications (visited by nearly 10 000 users) offers 365/7/24 access to data

OBLIVIEW® - our multipurpose web platform for publication and analysis of collected data

Technological partnerships

We are constantly developing our offer, which is why we cooperate with multiple satellite data providers.

HEAD Aerospace

We are the official reseller of HEAD Aerospace, which offers satellite data from over 40 satellites. The wide range of satellite data from HEAD Aerospace enables us to provide professional advice in the field of data purchase and development of unique solutions for our clients.
The offer of HEAD Aerospace

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Cooperation with Planet enables the development of monitoring products with high time resolution which is possible thanks to the PlanetScope nanosatellites constellation. On the other hand, access to the SkySat constellation provides very high-resolution images acquired on the customer's request, enriching analyzes and products with data at a resolution of 0.5 m.
The offer of Planet

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R&D Team

Our team is made of people with broad knowledge and competencies, representing the world of business and science. For the sake of remote sensing, we create a wide range of machine-learning methods that we adjust to our needs. The results of our work frequently appear in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Product innovations

The results of our research and development projects, are implemented in the market of aerial data and remote sensing analyses.
The projects include, among others


conducted in 2016-2019: ‘The innovative approach supporting monitoring of non-forest Natura 2000 habitats, using remote sensing methods’, cofounded by the National Centre for Research and Development in Poland as part of the BIOSTRATEG II strategic program’. The aim was to create a product for identification and mapping of non-forest habitats as well as threats, such as desiccation, succession and invasion, based on remote sensing and botanical measurements.



conducted in 2017-2018: ‘The system for monitoring of urban greenery with the use of remote sensing methods’, financed from the company’s own funds. The project resulted in the ‘Tree Crown Map’, created via the original method involving remote sensing.


Innovative products based on data integration

Our key advantage is the aerial and satellite data integration to develop unique solutions. We implement research projects to effectively combine and use various sources of image data. In our products, we use the advantage of complementarity of aerial and satellite data, creating a new dimension of information and knowledge for the client.

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Cooperation with scientific institutes

We are supported by scientists from universities and scientific institutes from Poland, as part of project or partnership agreements. In this case Business and Science go perfectly in line and bring notable effects. Our partners are: the University of Warsaw, University of Łódź, Warsaw University of Technology and AGH University of Science and Technology.

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Instytut badawczy leśnictwa

Membership of international organisations


The European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories (EARSeL) - a scientific network of European remote sensing institutes, coming from both academia and the commercial / industrial sector, founded in 1977 under the auspices of the European Space Agency, the Council of Europe and the European Commission.


The EUropean Facility for Airborne Research (EUFAR) - a Europe-wide network for the airborne research related to environmental sciences, which aims at supporting scientists, by granting them access to research aircraft and instruments they do not have access to in their home countries.


EAASI - the European Association of Aerial Surveying Industries aiming at cooperation and promoting photogrammetry in many branches of industry.

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Aviation Valley – an association of aviation industry entrepreneurs from south-eastern Poland, established on April 11, 2003. It is a member of EACP (European Aerospace Cluster Partnership) – an organization associating 38 similar associations from 13 European countries.

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The Polish Space Industry Association (SPACE PL) - since 2012 associates more than 45 Polish companies and research institutions operating in the space sector. The mission of the SPACE PL is to create a strong Polish space sector which will successfully compete on the European market.

cosmic hub

Cosmic Hub is a leading innovation center bringing together companies, research institutions, startups and space sector enthusiasts in Poland. It was created by CIC Warsaw and Polish Space Agency (POLSA) with a bold mission to accelerate the development of the space industry in Poland, to promote Polish entities in the space sector and develop synergies between science and industry.

European Association of Remote Sensing Companies

The European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC) is a non-profit European organization that promotes the use of satellite remote sensing technologies and supports the development of a European market in delivering Earth observation-derived geo-information services. EARSC represents this sector in its broadest sense, creating a network between industry, decision makers and users and covering the full EO value chain from data acquisition through processing, fusion, analysis to final geo-information products and services.


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