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Aerial photography, ortophotomaps and laser scanning

Geoinformation is becoming more and more important in human life. Unique features of active data acquisition systems for space, such as the air laser scanning (ALS/LiDAR) and photogrammetric camera systems make it possible to obtain data for a large area in just one air mission. The collected information is objective, accurate and enable drawing conclusions that are difficult to achieve using standard methods.

In the case of repeated photographic air missions one can obtain a sequence of models that make it possible to determine the dynamics of many factors reflected in the spatial location, such as: changes in land use, unauthorized logging, uncontrolled excavation, changes in the settlement development, landslides, changes in the hydrographic network and the extent of flood zones, as well as damage in mining areas.

Oblique Imagery

Every day each of us gets information from different sources. Our subconsciousness collects contextual information supply. In the terms of maps or aerial photography, oblique images meet the needs of most users. Having them in mind, we have expanded our offer, introduced new technology and launched a new product. By doing so, we have created even more opportunities for image interpretation. The technology that was mentioned allows to contemplate the city from a different perspective, having bird's eye view.

Oblique images are an ideal tool for analyses, distance measurements, facades and roof area measurements and even the measurements of height of the buildings. When shooting diagonal images, standard vertical photos are also made. At the same time, the photographed area is laser-scanned. Such complementary data set is the perfect starting point for any height or situational analysis. It also serves as an input to the automatic 3D modelling including the facade and roof textures.

The oblique images form the data environment that enables a thorough analysis of the content from five independent perspectives done in a friendly manner. With the resolution of several centimeters it is possible to register the factors such as: advertising on the facades of buildings, the state of the vertical and horizontal asphalt marking or asphalt damage (cracks, holes).

Ask us about our products and their applications in the field of your specific need:
  • aerial photography > RGB orthophotomaps > CIR orthophotomaps > analyses on spectral images
  • aerial oblique images > forward / backward, left / right > application for the analysis and measurement > diagonal orthophotomaps
  • 3D models (LoD1-LoD3, facade and roof textures)
  • airborne laser scanning > digital terrain model (DTM) > digital surface model (DSM)
  • maps of permeable and impermeable surfaces > catchment analysis > slope maps




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