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For the linear objects, we obtain the data using airplanes and helicopters specifically tailored for implementing the application that is described below, depending on the industry, specifics of the infrastructure and the scope of the analysis.


We carry out the inventory combined with an inspection of power lines during one flight. We prepare the reports on the evaluation of cable, insulator and pole condition. The analyses are based on high-resolution, digital, vertical and diagonal photos (front, back). The obtained network geometry containing the adjusting environment, including criss-crossing objects and precise natural topography, is the result of high-performance laser scanner measurements. Provided data set allows to make the decisions which minimize the risk of network failure due to its technical condition and its surroundings.

Additionally, we offer modern standards of geodetic and cartographic solutions for the electric and energy industries to be used in a wide range of applications for design offices, as well as for network operators. By combining a passion for aviation and professionalism, technology and expertise, we offer solutions from the field of spatial data acquisition for the modernization of existing and newly designed lines. Our offer is a response to the growing need for line analyses based on additional spatial data.


We register the terrestrial transmission network infrastructure by making vertical digital images, the development of orthophotomaps and laser scanning. The documentation of photos and measurements enables monitoring the changes in the pipeline surroundings and makes it possible to support the pipeline activity and preventive measures. In the case of upgrading or designing a new network, only such an inventory guarantees surface-wise integral and most current data set for a given corridor variant.


We offer the technology alternative to a mobile lane registration. The method involves the use of a stable air platform with the function to shoot images (vertical, diagonal) and precise measurement of the corridor using air laser scanning. High density of points in a point cloud, a low ceiling and a high-resolution digital photos from multiple perspectives enable making the inventory of the objects on the traffic lane, their visualization, measurements, the analysis of transverse and longitudinal surface sloshing effect. We offer a programme of geographic information system class which allows the presentation and registering the events in the traffic lane, as well as forming the automatic reports. Digital terrain model (DTM) and digital surface model (DSM), which are the results of laser scanning, make it possible to generate elevation profiles in any place and to model the acoustic waves. The main advantages of a helicopter (ALS - Air Laser Scanning) over the car inventory method (MLS - Mobile Laser Scanning) are: road measurements that do not cause any traffic obstructions, much greater width of the scanned area and the lack of blind spots caused by crash barriers , road sound screens or slopes blocking the “vision” scope of the MLS sensors.


The method described above works well also in the case of railways. Laser scanning, additionally supplemented with high-resolution vertical and oblique images, enables to evaluate the technical condition of railway sleepers, electric traction, poles, rails and vertical marking. The information collected in such a way is a great tool for the analysis of loading gauge. The results of the analyses can constitute a major support for the railway traffic safety. Moreover, digital terrain model (DTM) and digital surface model (DSM) are the best possible data set for noise modeling in the vicinity of the railway line.

Ask us about our products and their applications in the field of your specific need:
  • Vertical photos > Orthophotomaps
  • Oblique photos > front / back, left / right > application for the analyses and measurements> diagonal orthophotomaps
  • Infrared camera photos > thermograms > analyses
  • Airborne laser scanning > digital terrain model (DTM) > digital surface model (DSM) > longitudinal profiles > transverse profiles
  • The data for the project teams including customized formats for Geographic Information System (GIS)/Computer Aided Design (CAD)




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