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We have been making aerial photos for years and on their basis we have been developing aerial orthophotomaps for the implementation of the Forest Work. Foresters recognized the advantages of the use of aerial orthophotomaps in making a forest inventory a long time ago. On the one hand, it is a perfect material for the private preparation of the field work and during its implementation, such aerial photos are excellent to keep orientation in the field. On the other hand, it is a great material to verify the work results at commissioning stage. Thanks to the development of orthophotomaps in two colour compositions, in natural and unnatural colours, with the use of near-infrared range, the identification and verification of the boundaries of the parts of forest is easier and brings tangible economic benefits such as the time saved.

Environmental Protection

Our customers more and more often pay attention to the quality and accuracy of data describing the qualities of the natural environment. We develop our offer in accordance with such needs. We facilitate the administrators of protected areas with air laser scanning technology and an orthophotomap developed from vertical and oblique pictures. Our current technological capabilities allow us to obtain information about the natural topography and land cover with a vertical accuracy of a few centimeters and great minuteness that projects the area microtopography. What is more, the oblique images provide a completely new perspective on the analysis of land cover. Photos of a resolution of less than 10 centimeters are made in perspective, from an angle of 45 ° from four directions, and give the possibility to make a private field inspection that is very intuitive thanks to the use of perspective similar to that of a from-the-earth observer. Standard vertical photos are developed specifically for their use in the analysis of remote sensing. Great and so far undiscovered potential of the environmental analysis lies in the field of analysis of the data obtained with the use of air laser scanner. A point cloud covering the area describes the structure of the vegetation which constitutes a great potential in the analysis of environmental objects used during inventory works.


Air Laser Scanning Technology and its implementation by our company on the Polish market has caused a revolution in the field of hydrodynamic modelling. At a time when human safety and property protection from flooding has become a priority, the information about digital terrain model is one of the most important in the process of creating flood risk maps. It turned out that particularly important factors were the accuracy and timeliness of information about the natural topography which determines the direction of the water flow. In addition, the data from the air laser scanning in the form of point cloud allow the analysis of land cover characteristics that determine resistance to water flow presented in the form of the bedrock roughness maps. Standard aerial photographs are also useful during the inspection of the condition of river beds and inter-embankment zones.




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