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The mission of MGGP Aero Ltd. is the interaction with customers to achieve their objectives through implementation of comprehensive services in the field of geodesy and photogrammetry, based on cutting-edge technology and efficient organization. In response to growing interest in the use of aerial photography, we try to prepare our offer in such a way, so that to provide our customers with a full range of services: from identification of needs and counselling, through the preparation of the work to its implementation.

Quality and Environmental Policy

Our Quality Policy sticks to the rules that the entire MGGP Business Group follows.

The management of the company declares to achieve the level of services that meets the expectations of our customers, at the same time pledging to meet the standards and legal requirements regarding the environmental protection and our business operations. We maintain financial viability, expand the order backlog and respond to changing market demands. Within a few years we have gained great experience in all aspects of aerial photography and we are proud to provide services at the highest level of quality in the field.

The main directions of the Quality and Environmental Policy are implemented by:
  • Provision of services to the customer in accordance with their expectations,
  • Gaining customer trust,
  • Anticipating future needs of the customers and other people interested in our services,
  • Shaping the belief that all employees of the Department are responsible for the quality and the environment,
  • Creating a circle of regular suppliers in the process service implementation,
  • Involvement of partners to participate in the process of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the common fulfillment of the customers’ expectations,
  • Participation in technological progress through the development and implementation of new technologies,
  • Process and service quality improvement in conjunction with an absolute respect for legal regulations and other requirements relating to the environmental protection,
  • Having our own professional staff by implementing a system for employee training and development,
  • Promotion of environmentally friendly solutions,
  • Provision of necessary resources and means to implement and follow the company’s policy.
MGGP Aero Ltd. Board provides the necessary resources for the implementation of the policy and functioning of the integrated system of quality and environmental management, and declares its improvement in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

The company's policy on quality and the environment is well known to the employees and business partners, and periodically checked for its suitability during reviews of the company's management.




MGGP Aero Sp. z o.o
ul. Kaczkowskiego 6,
33 - 100 Tarnów
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