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In the field of surface archaeological research, the technology of air laser scanning is a great support for archaeologists. Why? Because, by using this technology, we provide our customers with a digital terrain model. The laser beam sent from the ceiling measures the land elevation by penetrating the area vegetation cover. It makes no difference whether it is a dense forest, shrubs or a meadow. In addition, it should be mentioned that the digital terrain model that we offer is highly accurate and detailed so we can consider it a real try in mapping the area. Thanks to such properties, the areas that were previously inaccessible or difficult to register archaeologically, now can be the object of extensive research. Let us only recall the fact that nearly 30% of Poland is covered by forests.

Digital data recording about the actual natural topography allows you to back up such information and, what is more, gives you the possibility of multiple private analysis of the area. Private data analysis using GIS (Geographic Information System) tools enables to probe the spatial relationships between the objects, microcomponents of land relief and shadow that is cast. The archaeologists examine the area from different perspectives and recognize the nuances of the terrain that are not visible from the perspective of an observer standing on the ground. The digital terrain model that we offer is a source of knowledge about cultural heritage of Poland when it is in the hands of the archaeologists.




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